Primer's 1st race

The forecast was a westerly 8mph wind, windguru went as far to predict up to 15mph.  At the lake there was next to nothing!!
When I arrived a small group of members were very keen to see Primer and like a proud parent I showed her off.  They all appeared impressed by the build and quality of the finish but I sensed some differing opinions on whether the hull design would prove to be a brit-pop or brit-flop.
Primer was then launched and slowly but surely made some headway, this prompted the other skippers to rig and launch, a couple of the regulars weren't there so numbers were reduced to nine and with one TX suffering a major hangover only 8 competed.  Ian laid a slightly smaller than normal triangle, sausage course with the start line adjacent to the control area.  Thank goodness as I'd forgotten my glasses.
There's no real point in going into too much race detail as it took around 30mins to complete the first race.  However, I was pleased with a third place, probably should have been second but I was being tolerant when the handicapper that came 2nd appeared to have her bow bumper 'hit' (french kiss) the last mark for some time before rounding but no exoneration was apparent.
There was no difference in the second or third races, both took 30 mins.  However, in the second a group of 3 boats eeked out a lead but Ray who was leading and Ian to a lesser extent sailed to low on the penultimate leg allowing me to pass them both giving Primer her first victory.  The 3rd race I lost the lead to Ian and Mike at the first mark rounding but then both myself and Ian pulled away.  Ian gained a comfortable victory as I was 2nd being approx 1 min behind and the rest of fleet 4-5 mins behind me.
I can't say I've learned that much about Primer's potential. I am however glad I ended up second overall which might have been a struggle to achieve had I been racing the Lintel.